Sector-Wide Collaboration and Innovation

• Steering Committee Meetings
• Communities of Practice
• Working Groups- Mentorship, School Support, and HEI/NGO Alignment
• Presentation to Education Deans Forums
• HEI Meeting
• TOR developed for the 3 Working Groups and appointments made

Advocacy and Governance

• Partnership agreements with implementers
• Formal designations to SteerCom for government departments, Unions
• Funder Meetings
• Advocacy Progress Reports to SteerCom
• Provincial DOE Meetings
• Establish contact list of relevant PDE individuals in each Province; procure
initial introduction
• Bilaterals with unions
• Sustainability and Funding Advocacy Working Group
• MOU/MOA (DBE, DHET, SACE and Funders)

Shared Measurement and Tools: Evaluative Research

Liaise with partner organisations to collect required data
• Collate monitoring data for implementers
• Sector monitoring report
• Compile profile and contact list for interns
• Pilot and finalize Newly Appointed Teacher survey
• Develop consent form for monitoring data, share with partner organisations
• Analyse NAT survey data
• Graduate competency testing for partner organisations
• Reports from two student researchers linked to TICZA
• Develop longitudinal study design, survey instrument (2023)
• Finalise instruments and conduct classroom research - newly appointed teachers (2023)
• Commission external evaluation of TICZA

Knowledge Products

• TICZA Case Study developed
• Webinar on Collective Impact
• Publish implementation brief
• Symposium on HEI/NGO Alignment
• Development of TICZA Knowledge Hub
• Background document 1: Conceptualizing/ Defining Internships and Internship Terminology
• Background document 2: Rationale for Internships, between Quantity and Quality (where does the impetus lie)
• TICZA 'onboarding video' (2023)

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