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JET’s competence is built around a value chain consisting of research, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

JET was one of the first organisations in South Africa to develop significant expertise in the evaluation of education programmes (Mouton, 2010) and has over 20 years of experience in conducting internal and external monitoring and evaluation for private, government and non-profit sector clients. 

JET combines current academic thinking with practical implementation experience when undertaking large and complex assignments. Documenting programme theory and developing a logic model are usually built into the clarification phase of all evaluation studies undertaken. JET’s Monitoring and Evaluation work has been wide-ranging, from monitoring and internal evaluation of existing projects to conducting independent evaluations for external clients. The emphasis has been on utilisation-focused, results-oriented monitoring and evaluation that can contribute to improved educational outputs and outcomes.

We believe in tailoring solutions to clients’ needs and emphasising results-orientated, utilisation-focused M&E, which contributes to improved education outcomes. 

We offer a wide range of M&E services including:

  • Facilitating theory of change/programme theory workshops and developing/documenting theory of change/programme theory
  • Developing M&E frameworks, including logic models, indicators, data collection, analysis and reporting plans, evaluation questions, and learning agendas, as well as systems (i.e. for organisations, including an organisational review)
  • Designing and conducting evaluations
  • Formative evaluations designed to inform/improve implementation
  • Process evaluations
  • Outcome evaluations
  • Impact assessments
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluations
  • Meta-evaluation and synthesising evaluation findings
  • Providing technical support for M&E (i.e. developing M&E instruments, support for data collection, analysis and reporting, quality assurance)
  • Commissioning and managing evaluations 

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