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JET Clearinghouse

Education is something we have plenty of, much of it unsatisfactory. And yet, until we get smart and start learning what works and what wastes our time, effort and money, we will continue to spend furiously and remain dissatisfied. JET has grasped the opportunity to speed up this learning process by focusing attention on generating and interpreting  knowledge about and debates on educational interventions over the last 25 years and has established the JET clearinghouse for this purpose.

The knowledge in the clearinghouse is available to various audiences (academics, donors, programme designers and the general public).The first phase of the JET clearinghouse involves hosting the PrimTEd initiative.  The PrimTEd Project is a component of the Department of Higher Education and Training’s Teaching and Learning Development Capacity Improvement Programme (TLDCIP), and as such is under the overall authority of the DHET’s Director-General. The PrimTEd Project is managed by the Chief Directorate for Teaching and Learning Development, located in the University Education branch of the DHET. PrimTEd builds on several years of research into initial teacher education (ITE) lead by JET in collaboration with South African universities and the DHET. For more information on PrimTEd please contact Carla Pereira.

Various partner organisations will be involved in the clearinghouse and new sections will be added as it develops. Please contact Metja Pale, the JET knowledge manager, for more information and also to explore potential partnerships.

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