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JET Education Services is an educational research nonprofit organisation. For over three decades, JET has worked with government and the public sector, civil society organisations, local and international development agencies and educational institutions to improve the quality of education and the overall relationship between education, skills development and the world of work. Read the JET story.

The Joint Education Trust, the forebear of JET Education Services, was set up in 1992 by a remarkable partnership of leaders from South Africa's corporate world, from the country's major political parties, the trade unions and representative organisations of black business. Read the JET story.

At the time, when South Africa was on the cusp of a new democratic era, this was a ground-breaking initiative. It was pioneered by business visionary Mr Mike Rosholt who won the commitment from 14 leading South African companies to provide R500 million [more than R1 billion in today's currency] towards solving one of the greatest challenges that the new democracy would face – the restructuring of the country's education system, then rife with the inequalities imposed by the apartheid government. The Joint Education Trust Board of Trustees drew equal representation from all the partners, creating a diverse set of perspectives that worked effectively from the first board meeting. The Trust's successes were undoubtedly due, in the first instance, to this remarkable partnership. They were supported, however, by the management and staff appointed by the trustees to realise the Trust's strategic objectives in the drive to create a unitary, non-racial education system with equal access to all. See the list of Founding Partners.

JET offers full-time employment, associate and project consultant opportunities to national and international experts in education. JET does not take hand-delivered applications and CVs. JET only takes job applications via an HR vacancy form, the link to the form can be found on the vacancy webpage. Click here for current vacancies.

JET no longer offers the type of funding that it managed in the nineties. In 2001, after successfully discharging its founding mission, JET reviewed its role and shifted focus from fund disbursement to managing education and development projects.

Education policy makers, education researchers, education practitioners, learners, parents, funders and social investment practitioners.

The underlying purpose of JET’s work is to positively impact education policy and implementation in South Africa and Africa through rethinking current education systems and engaging in evidence-based research. In pursuit of this aim, JET engages in and offers Research, Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation: these are the interlinked services that form the JET value chain, each informing the other to create a helix of knowledge.

The value chain is reflected in JET’s organisational structure. Our three education division are:

  • Research and Data Ecosystems (R&DE), incorporating the Data and Assessment Units
  • Implementation and Innovation (I&I)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

The divisions do not work discreetly but support each other: research informs programme conceptualisation, design and implementation; implementation is managed and monitored, which may point to a need for adjustments to implementation in progress, implementation to greater scale or further areas for research; programmes are evaluated to assess outcomes against prescribed objectives. Read more about JET’s work.

JET conducts educational research which facilitates improving the quality of education and educational outcomes. This is in line with our overall vision. Find out more.

JET offers project management and implementation services for educational interventions across the education sector and draws on significant experience in this field, initially in the area of school improvement. Find out more.

JET was one of the first South African organisations to undertake evaluations – specifically evaluations of education programmes – and remains a leader in this field today. Find out more.

JET Education Services conducts projects on a wide range of topics in education, including curriculum development, instructional strategies, educational technology, student assessment, and teacher effectiveness. Have a look at our project showcase to see some of our latest projects.

JET is able to optimise innovation and evidence-based solutions towards quality education through independent and credible research, implementation and M&E.

  • Championing social justice in education
  • People-centred
  • Knowledge-driven
  • Innovative

  • Early childhood development (ECD), specifically Gr R teacher development
  • School improvement
  • Teacher education
  • Post-school education and training (PSET)
  • Interoperability and data ecosystems
  • Innovative funding models for education

JET Education Services social ambition is at the core of what we do – we are purpose-driven – and we understand that to realise long-term sustainability, strategic alliances, an investment in our people and systems is necessary. Here’s a list of our alliances.

JET Education Services has been able to contribute to new thinking and proof-of- concept initiatives in many areas and has played a major role in establishing and supporting the following initiatives. Here’s a list of our initiatives.

JET’s research findings and publications are available on our website for free download. You can visit the "Resources" section to access our research reports, white papers, and other resources.

Yes, we welcome collaboration with educators, researchers, and other organisations in the field of education. Please contact us to discuss potential collaboration opportunities or research partnerships.

You can support our mission by spreading the word about our organisation and the importance of educational research and innovation.

JET offers internship and volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in gaining experience in educational research. We have an internship programme that seeks to develop future education policymakers, researchers and project managers. Please visit the "vacancies" section of our website for more information.

You can subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, or visit our website regularly to stay updated on our latest research findings, events, and initiatives. By completing our newsletter form, you consent to your data being added to the JET Education Services database for future communication purposes.

The JET team is always keen on presenting at conferences, workshops, and other educational events on topics related to our research and expertise. Please contact us via

You can contact us via email at or by telephone 011 403 6401. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries.

JET Education Services is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our Physical Address is: The Education Hub, 6 Blackwood Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193. Our Postal Address is: PO Box 178, Wits, 2050.

Please request access to the Grade R Mathematics and Language Improvement program's open-source materials by following this link.  

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