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CITE-TEL is a web-based resource, the Critical, Interactive, Transparent & Evolving literature review in Initial Teacher Education in Literacy, hosted by the University of Texas at Austin. It seeks to list the research literature that is focused on initial teacher preparation in literacy and provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to engage with this growing body of research.
Author(s): University of Texas at Austin


CITE-ITEL. A critical, interactive, transparent & evolving literature review in initial teacher education in literacy. (Access date). Retrieved from: https://cite.edb.utexas.edu/

Additional Info

This project is operating under the direction of faculty, doctoral students, and recent graduates from the Language and Literacy at The University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the Literacy Research Association.

CITE-ITEL has  focused on the identification of empirical studies of initial teacher preparation in the area of literacy from the period 2000-2016. The current CITE-ITEL system includes over 700 published reports of research on initial teacher preparation in literacy and is growing.

Based on the analysis of these studies a set of topical areas has been identified. Studies, with relevant findings, have been linked to these topic areas. For each of the topic areas, synthesis statements that summarize the findings in each of the areas have been written. New topic areas will be created as research expands. The synthesis statements will be updated on an annual basis.

At the top of each page, are several links that take you into CITE-ITEL based on your interest. 

The Articles link will take you to all of the articles that are currently included in the CITE-ITEL data-base. The articles are organized alphabetically by the first author’s last name. If you are looking for a specific article or author, you can use the search box to locate the article or the author. If you click on the article entry, you will be taken to the article analysis page.

The Journals link operates in a similar way. The journals are listed alphabetically and you can search the system.  If you follow the link to a specific journal you will see the articles that have been published that are part of our data-base.

The Categories link will take you to into the structure we use within the system to reflect the focus for the articles.  Each article is linked to these major topics with Categories that are nested within Topics.  Following the link to any of these categories will give you a list of the articles that have been linked to that Topic. These links were made as part of the article analysis.

The Synthesis link will take you to the categories that have been synthesized.  There are currently eight syntheses ready to view on the system.




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