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Department of Basic Education Mathematics workbooks

Since 2011 the Department of Education has produced free Mathematics workbooks for all primary education schools. These can be downloaded from the DBE website.
Author(s): Department of Basic Education

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The latest published versions of these mathematics workbooks can be downloaded from:


Mathematics in home languages (Grades 1 to 3)
Mathematics in English and Afrikaans only (Grades 4 to 9)

There are also some attempts at interactive computerised versions which can be downloaded from:


with the following:

For Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems

Mathematics (in English) (Grades 1 and, 2)

For Adobe AIR on Windows or Apple MacIntosh

Mathematics in English Grade 3


In 2015 three of the mathematics workbooks were revised for use in 2016 but were never published:

Grade 2 Book 1
Grade 2 Book 2        
Grade 3 Book 1
Grade 3 Book 2  (only partially)
Grade 7 Book 1
Grade 7 Book 2


Teacher guides

In addition three Teacher guides were produced for Grades 2, 3 and 7 but also never published.

Grade 2        
Grade 3
Grade 7

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