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Zenex The Expert Reading Teacher course materials

A set of materials designed to teach Foundation Phase teachers how to teach reading. They are high quality materials developed by academics in collaboration with teachers. This collaboration resulted in materials that are highly structured, using a systematic approach to the teaching of reading. The materials address various aspects of the reading process, including language concepts and vocabulary building. They are written in English, but include a comprehensive list of literacy concepts explained in three languages, namely, English, isiXhosa and isiZulu.
Author(s): Pretorius, E.J. and Murray, S


Pretorius, E.J. and Murray, S. 2019. The expert reading teacher. Johannesburg: Zenex Foundation

Additional Info

The set is made up of the following modules:

Introductory module
A: Reading: important things to know about it
B: Enabling conditions for literacy development
C: How to teach reading
D: Assessment
E: Learners with reading difficulties
F: Planning

Each module includes one or more instructional units, appendices, classroom activities and a glossary of special terminology.

Zenex The Expert Reading Teacher course materials.pdf - 31 KB

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