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Our People

The JETStreamers (2019-2020) are learning to surf the flux ...
Virginia Mashiane

I am a brave and passionate creative, who is moved by the generation of ideas and multiple and varied forms of knowledge production and application.

Akani Mkansi

I am passionate about tackling social issues and bringing social change in communities.

Patrick Molokwane

I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and as such, I read voraciously so that I am in a position to make informed decisions for my life.

Morris Phundulu

I believe that every child deserves better education in order to live a better a life.

Morongoa Masebe

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to write stories...

Lesedi Matlala

I’m a JETStreaming monitoring and evaluation researcher, youth leader and social activist.

Gino Garach

I believe where brilliance and complacency meet, change is hard to come by... education is not a privilege but a gift that needs to be used for the benefit of mankind.

Chosi Mtoba

I grew up in the Eastern Cape with my grandparents who taught me that education is the only way to begin to understand and create our place in the world.

Teboho Makhoabenyane

In my view education is not the acquisition of facts, but rather the training of the mind on how to apply the knowledge gained.

Tshepo Baloyi

Only after upgrading my matric and getting entrance into university did I begin to understand the concept of education or access to knowledge as a resource for lifting oneself out of the varying forms of poverty.

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