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Gino Garach

I believe where brilliance and complacency meet, change is hard to come by... education is not a privilege but a gift that needs to be used for the benefit of mankind.
+27 11 4036401 | gino@jet.org.za

I have an undergraduate degree in neuropsychology and international relations, my honours in International Relations and I am currently completing my Masters in International Political Science from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Enrolling in the JETStreaming program was something that I thought would just be a great way for me to just get work experience as a researcher.   However, once I started the program it was far more than I expected. Within this “Stream” as we’ve come to call it, I have learnt the value in asking questions, broadening my perspective and adjusting them when needed.

Even though we're still in the training phase of this experience, being exposed to many learning processes.  I cannot wait to be a social change agent and change the streams of South African education.

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