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Morris Phundulu

I believe that every child deserves better education in order to live a better a life.
+27 11 4036401 | morris@jet.org.za

l hold a Bcom Honours degree in Economics from University of Venda. Research, in all its forms intrigues me from the theory until implementation.

The precision of research suits my nature, l like detail understanding, complex information, questioning of assumptions, utilising my skill of analysis, reflective thinking and the pleasurable challenge of problem solving.

I want to be able to instil hope and determination so that children in South Africa can get to enjoy the benefits of true education. My passion for ensuring a better life drives me every day. I am not afraid of change and it has given me strong background in understanding root causes of many problems in various situations.

I am glad to be part of JETStreaming programme, l am keen to contribute to knowledge generation and solve problems pertaining our country through research.

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