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A blended e-learning programme that seeks to support teacher development by providing weekly e-tutorials aligned to the national curriculum without the need for the teacher to lose any teaching time. Teachers’ progress is tracked and monitored in order to give feedback, encouragement and support.

eMpela uses a systematic, blended learning methodology in which teachers and managers receive content training which is accessible online, using mobile phones, tablets and computers.

The online content is augmented by ongoing support through Whatsapp, SMS and other platforms as well as in-person, quarterly training sessions facilitated by a programme manager and specialist.

eMpela aims to to support teacher development & improve the teachers' content knowledge.

What content is covered?

  • EFAL and Mathematics for foundation Phase (Grades 1 to 3)
  • Mathematics for Grades 4, 6, 9 and 11
  • Natural Science for Grades 6 and 9
  • Physical Science for Grade 11

Benefits of the blended learning methodology

  • Cost-effectiveness: the model reduces personnel and material development costs and is therefore more efficient that a face-to-face tuition model
  • Increased scope: due to both reduced cost per participant and the mobility of the delivery model, the maximum number of individuals can be trained and supported,leading to increased benefits
  • Scalability: the fully developed platform and delivery model can be easily replicated without the expense of re-development
  • Sustainability: as the model engages teachers, cohorts of learners will continue to benefit from the skills taught long after the programme’s conclusion

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eMpela came about the collaboration of JET and MRP Foundation. It is an ICT-based approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics, English First Additional Language (EFAL) and Science.

It is suitable for implementation in both rural and urban areas

Who is involved?

  • Education districts
  • School management teams
  • Teachers
  • JET Education Services team
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