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Practical solutions

JET has developed practical solutions for addressing needs in the education sector

Our years of experience in the education development sector have enabled us to identify areas of need and develop practical solutions to address some of those needs. Our solutions are based on rigorous research and have been tested in the field.  We also review them on an ongoing basis so that we take advantage of the latest research, trends and advances in technology.    

Our current products are:

  1. An e learning platform for teacher training and development (suitable for use in both urban and rural areas) 
  2. A systemic school improvement model
  3. A suite of assessments for learners
  4. A suite of assessments for teachers
  5. A set of manuals for teachers on error analysis of learners' tests
  6. Resources for early childhood development (ECD) practitioners on visual perception

These solutions are offered on their own or in conjunction with our other services.

For more information contact Lesley Abrahams

For information on Assessments, contact Roelien Herholdt

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