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Research services

We conduct educational research which facilitates improving the quality of education and educational outcomes. This is in line with our overall vision of “transformation through knowledge”.

Our team has extensive research experience using a range of methodologies. In addition to initiating our own projects, we undertake research for clients, including government departments, international funders and private sector initiatives and have managed and conducted a number of large-scale research projects. We have been part of several research consortia which have included institutions of higher learning. We have also recently extended our scope to include international research projects and we now work across Africa and also in the Middle East.

We offer the following expertise:

1. Qualitative research 4. Data collection and analysis
2. Surveys such as tracer surveys 5. Assessment of learners and teachers
3. Literature reviews 6. Test development


Examples of our research projects:

Contact Carla Pereira for more information.


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