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Monitoring and Evaluation

JET was one of the first South African organisations to undertake evaluations – specifically evaluations of education programmes – and remains a leader in this field today.

We believe in tailoring solutions to clients’ needs and emphasise results-orientated utilisation-focused M&E which contributes to improved education outcomes.

We provide internal and external monitoring and evaluation services to JET and other clients which include government, non-governmental organisations, donors, foundations, corporates and multi-lateral institutions.  

We offer a wide range of M&E services including:

  • Facilitation of theory of change/programme theory workshops and development/documentation of theory of change/programme theory;
  • Development of M&E frameworks (including logic models, indicators, data collection, analysis and reporting plans, evaluation questions and learning agendas) and systems (i.e. for organisations, which include an organisational review);
  • Designing and conducting evaluations:
    • Formative evaluations designed to inform/improve implementation.
    • Process evaluations.
    • Outcome evaluations.
    • Impact assessments.
    • Cost-effectiveness evaluations.
    • Meta-evaluation and synthesising evaluation findings.
  • Providing technical support for M&E (developing M&E instruments, support for data collection, analysis and reporting, quality assurance).
  • Commissioning and managing evaluations


Examples of our M&E projects:

  1. Implementation evaluation of the National School Nutrition Programme for the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and the Department of Basic Education
  2. Implementation evaluation of the Funzal Lushaka Bursary Programme for the  Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation and the Department of Basic Education
  3. Development of a Monitoring and Quality Assurance Framework and conducting monitoring and quality assurance for the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT).
  4. A clarificatory, process, outcomes and impact evaluation of the Grade-R Early Mathematics (R-Maths) project for the Zenex Foundation, ELMA Foundation, Maitri Trust, Zenex Foundation and Investec Private Charitable Trust.
  5. An impact assessment of the Higher Education and Training programmes offered at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute for the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

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