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Secondary Education in Africa: Preparing Youth for the Future of Work

JET was contracted by the Varkey Foundation, one of the strategic partners involved in the Mastercard Foundation's research project: Secondary Education in Africa: Preparing Youth for the Future of Work. The research examined the role of secondary education in preparing African youth for the future of work, with an emphasis on ensuring youth acquire the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to succeed in a dynamic and globalized labour market.

The project was divided into four  Research Themes: 

  1. Preparing Youth for the Future of Work: What does the future of work look like in Africa? What skills do African youth need given the changing nature of work?
  2. Ensuring Relevant Knowledge and Skills: What changes are needed in teaching and curricula to help transform learning and skills development in Africa?
  3. Meeting the needs of Out-of-School Youth and Displaced Populations: How can governments ensure access to quality, relevant secondary education or its equivalent for out-of-school youth and displaced populations?
  4. Designing Systems to Foster Improved Learning: How can effective secondary school systems be developed?

JET was assigned to conduct research under theme 2, looking specifically at Secondary Level Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, Teacher Preparation and Support.

The reports can be downloaded from the  Mastercard Foundation web site: Secondary Education in Africa: Preparing Youth for the Future of Work and also from the Resources section of this web site:

Overview Report. Literature reviewMarket scanCase study: SenegalCase study: South AfricaCase study: RwandaCase study: Uganda


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