Jobs Fund Tracer Study of Support for Work Seeker and Enterprise Development Interventions

The objective of this study is to systematically analyse the significant changes (intended or not) in people’s lives as a result of the sampled SFW and ED projects. This tracer study will not only seek to document the changes that occur in the lives of the beneficiaries, but also aim to determine the extent to which the interventions contributed to those changes. This composite tracer study on SFW and ED projects will offer insight into which type of interventions, or which type of approaches within an intervention, may have had more impact. The aim is to combine these lessons to gain insight into which models are most relevant, effective, replicable, scalable, and provide the greatest value for money in addressing the barriers to entry for people in the South African job market and small business space. This will add to the learning agenda of the Jobs Fund, by providing much needed insight on the usefulness of the projects and advising on potential modifications to maximise the impact of such programmes.

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