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South African Bootcamp

Why is JET doing this

As an educational research agency with a non-profit motive, JET is contributing to the coordination of COVID-19 preventative measures and also coordination of efforts nationally.

#OpenupYourThinking is an opportunity to (1) contribute meaningfully to solutions and pressures being placed on the education systems using an evidence-based approach; (2) allow for real time inputs to be made into other national education processes, such as NASCEE, IPASA, DBE, NECT and others; and (3) keep a group of young researchers meaningfully occupied during the lockdown period, while giving them an opportunity to grow as they will be working under the guidance of experienced researchers

How will researchers benefit

This is a great opportunity for young researchers (<35y) to work under the guidance of more experienced researchers/practitioners, but also to be part of an innovative online approach that will also allow for learning to take place between peers.

How can sector benefit from research projects

We plan to feed into actual processes underway at this time. JET is already involved in many of these, and the emerging findings from the thematic streams will be fed into the relevant debates. We will also encourage young researchers to have their voices heard.

Packaging and dissemination

We are looking at a combination of short briefs and more interactive online options. Our graphic designer is currently exploring options. Overall our timing has been to start with the lockdown, and we plan to release the final products at the time when the lockdown lifts. In between we will also try and bring out key items.

The overarching research question we are attempting to answer:

What are the best mega-, meta- and micro-level educational strategies to be used during times of crisis?

Note on research approach: We recognise the unusual circumstances of developing a report on a global pandemic that is currently in process. The current events are far ahead of the academic production process. Most of what is written and published in the various media at present cannot as yet have been subject to the usual peer reviewed academic processes. Therefore it is necessary for us as members of the research team, to satisfy ourselves as to the quality and reliability of information, statements and interpretations that we source from the media for use in our research. JET Education Services is committed to ethical use and acknowledgement (through standardised referencing) of information or evidence drawn from any source.

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