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The SADC Researchers Challenge covers six thematic areas:

  • Theme 1:  Education for sustainable development: COVID-19 education response intersections with the food, water and economic (livelihoods) crisis Thematic lead:Heila Lotz-Sisitka Report now availabe 
  • Theme 2: Teacher preparation for distance learning during major disruptions Thematic lead:Charmaine Villet Report now available
  • Theme 3: Exploring Lives of the Excluded Youth amidst COVID-19 Thematic lead: Manoa Muchanga Report now available
  • Theme 4: Exercising global citizenship amidst COVID 19 Thematic lead: Jose Frantz Report now available
  • Theme 5: Green skills for sustainable livelihoods in a post-COVID-19 context Thematic lead: Presha Ramsarup Report now available
  • Theme 6: Curbing the spread of fake news in Southern Africa - what we can and cannot do Thematic lead: Brendah Chuma Report now available

*SADC: Southern African Development Community

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