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#OpenupYourThinking: SADC* Researchers Challenge

As an educational research agency with a non-profit motive, JET Education Services, the UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSA) and partners from the Global Challenge Research Fund’s Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Project (South African node), as well as the Open Society Foundations (OSF), are collaborating on a new instance of the successful researchers “bootcamp” that took place in South Africa in April and May 2020.

The “SADC Researchers Challenge” is taking place in May and June 2020 and involves a wide range of universities located in SADC countries.

The main purpose of the Challenge is to contribute to the generation of evidence on how education and training systems in SADC are affected by, and can respond to COVID-19.

The Challenge specifically provides an opportunity to:

  • Contribute meaningfully to shaping solutions to pressures being placed on education systems using an evidence-based approach
  • Allow for real time inputs to be made into other national education processes led by organisations in SADC; and
  • Ensure that a wider group of younger researchers (below 35 years) is collectively engaged during the lockdown period, while giving them an opportunity to grow as they will be working under the guidance of experienced researchers


Download the Synthesis Report here



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