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FET College Round Table & Summit

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has recently embarked on a process to review and refine the National Plan for Further Education and Training.

The current plan emphasises the need for substantial growth in the college subsystem over the next few years. However, the colleges are faced with significant resource and capacity constraints in delivering on this growth. The review and revision process seeks to use a more rigorous evidence base from which to make decisions around the positioning and development of colleges in the next five to ten years.

The DHET has adopted a strong stakeholder-driven approach to reformulating the National Plan. In preparation for the Round Table discussion held on the 9th April 2010, a comprehensive working paper was developed outlining all the challenges facing the sub-system. The Round Table was attended by a broad range of stakeholders and interest groups. This Round Table Following this Round Table five Task Teams have been put in motion, aimed at generating recommendations and reporting to a stakeholder summit in early September 2010, and provide operation planning support to colleges between August and October.

The task teams comprise the following:

The teams will report in the first instance to the FET Summit Working Committee, and their outputs will be subject to Steering Committee approval (based on recommendations of the Working Committee). The outputs of the Task Teams will be consolidated in a Working Document for the FET Summit. Task Team 5 will be responsible for communication with all stakeholders and will also provide intensive operational planning support to colleges to prepare for a crisis-free start to the 2011 academic year.

In order to support the work of the task teams, a research programme has been initiated, aimed at gathering data about challenges facing colleges on the ground and analysing the type of planning support that is needed for colleges as they put in place their plans for 2011 and beyond.

As the process unfolds, this website will be continuously update with information, reports and other documents relevant to the work underway.