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This year, we have welcomed international intern, Vasiliki Samara from the University of Pennsylvania, United States to learn alongside our JET setters and make a meaningful contribution to our daily work. She will be in South Africa for almost three months, splitting her time between JET’s Johannesburg and Cape Town offices.
Meet Vasiliki


  • Also known as Vicky
  • Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Studied a Bachelor’s in International Relations and a Master’s in International Educational Development
What are you most passionate about and what projects will you be a part of?
I am most passionate about driving economic growth through the social inclusion and integration of groups that have been traditionally marginalised. I believe that there is a direct link between the variety of groups participating in the economy and the potential for a society’s prosperity. Currently, I am primarily involved with the evaluation of a government initiative aimed to tackle unemployment as well as a program that promotes reading habits in local languages. I am sure, though, that more projects might come my way.

What motivated you to pursue an internship in South Africa, particularly at JET Education?
Getting to know the South African work environment and experience how it differs from that in the USA or Greece was something that particularly interested me. I decided to intern at JET because I wanted to be a part of an organisation that works on a wide variety of projects, from early childhood education to school access and youth empowerment, with partners from both the private and public sector as well as NGOs. The people at JET are renowned experts in what they do and I am looking forward to learning from them and their long experience in the field.

How has your experience of South Africa been so far and what do you hope to gain from the internship?
It’s been a great experience so far! No day at work has been the same as the previous one, as there is always a lot going on with many projects running at the same time. The people at JET have all been so friendly and made me feel welcome from the very first day. As for South Africa itself - I absolutely love it! It is truly a blessing to intern in a country with such beautiful landscapes and so many cultures blended in all in the same place. Also, both Cape Town and Johannesburg have amazing art scenes, which I have greatly appreciated. I hope to gain an even better understanding of South Africa and immerse myself in the cultures. I also hope to grow professionally and personally, and expose myself to unfamiliar tasks that will help me learn new perspectives, approached and skills.
Most of all, I look forward to meeting great new people and friends.
What are 3 things people might be surprised to know about you?
  1. I like planes and flying.
  2. I speak over 5 different international languages.
  3. If I wasn’t in my current career field, I’d be a flight attendant.

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