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Carmen Louw

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Manager
+27 11 4036401 | carmen@jet.org.za
Carmen Louw is a social development professional who is committed to the promotion of equal access to resources as a principle of social justice. She believes in the power of programmes as a vehicle to promote social justice. Carmen started her career in programme implementation and monitoring and evaluation (M&E)-primarily in public health, with a recent move to education programmes. As a lifelong learner, she has integrated theory and practice in her job roles. Her work experience has been augmented with education through a Master’s Degree in Social Work Management, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation. Her M&E expertise is in designing and implementing M&E systems-including data quality assurance and reporting, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, developing Theories of Change and M&E frameworks. Carmen is responsible for the inception and implementation of M&E projects, data management and processing, and reporting and dissemination.
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