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School lessons from the Covid-19 lockdown: new article by Nick Taylor

Published in a special issue of The South African Review of Education.

The South African Review of Education has published a special issue:  Emergent Educational Imaginaries During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The article School lessons from the Covid-19 lockdown by Nick Taylor draws on the findings of a survey conducted as part of the JET Researchers Bootcamp #OpenupYourThinking. The Bootcamp looked at the effects of the lockdown on the education sector through the lens of 12 themes.  See https://www.jet.org.za/covid-19-research-response/south-african-bootcamp/themes for more and https://www.jet.org.za/covid-19-research-response/south-african-bootcamp/theme-1 for the report on which this article is based.  

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