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JET is engaging in an ambitious research project in response to the current pandemic. The project has twelve workstreams, each led by a senior researcher.
  • Theme 1 Education at home Lead: Dr. Nick Taylor Report now available 
  • Theme 2 A comparative study on the response of NPOs in education to the COVID-19 pandemic Lead: Dr. Rooksana Rajab Report now available
  • Theme 3 The role of culture in alleviating the spread of COVID-19 Lead: Zaahedah Vally Report now available
  • Theme 4 COVID-19 lockdowns: can they help to govern the pandemic in Africa? Lead: Dr Andrew Paterson Report now available
  • Theme 5 Unlocking the Lockdown mindset Lead: Milisa Janda Report now available
  • Theme 6 Ameliorating the Impact of Fake News on High School Learners during COVID-19 Lead: Tshepo Motsepe Report now available
  • Theme 7 Putting the individual at the centre: the role of digital identity during the time of COVID-19 Lead: Barbara Dale-Jones Report now available
  • Theme 8 Governance & Management in Higher Education Lead: Naziema Jappie Report now available
  • Theme 9 Education, inequality and innovation in the time of COVID-19 Lead: Rubeena Parker Report now available
  • Theme 10 Lessons on How Countries Manage Schooling During and After Disasters Lead: Dr Deva Govender Report now available
  • Theme 11 Research Report Theme 11: Building Back Better- Teacher choices in action: An enriching supplementary module for ‘Teaching Practice’ in 2020 and beyond Lead: Associate Professor Lee Rusznyak Report now available
  • Theme 12 Innovative Finance for Education Lead: Dr Susan de Witt Report now available


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