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Grade R Maths and Language Improvement Programme Learning Exchange live

The Grade R Maths and Language Improvement Programme (Gr R MLIP) Learning Exchange virtual event provided an opportunity for all the invited stakeholders, including you, to learn how the Gr R MLIP implemented in Gauteng Province was conceptualised, planned for, implemented, monitored internally, evaluated externally and most importantly, the experiences, knowledge, expertise and lessons learnt were shared.

Watch the recording here

In this issue of JET Exchanges, we share information about the Grade R Mathematics and Language Improvement Programme (MLIP) in which JET is a partner, describing the context in which the programme is being implemented before providing details on the programme itself.

Foundational mathematics and literacy skills are premier issues in South African classrooms, both for learners as well as educators. South Africa has invested in several reading and mathematics interventions in the past years; however, setbacks like the COVID-19 pandemic rolled back progress that had been made.

According to a background report by Spaull for the 2030 Reading Panel, If learning loss estimates are correct and SA does manage to get back onto the prepandemic improvement trajectory, it will still take 86 years from 2023 up to 2108 until all Grade 4 children can read for meaning in SA (Spaull, 2023, 8).

Currently, 65% of learners lack the skills needed to progress in language and mathematics (Gauteng Education Development Trust, 2021, 7). Considering the challenging landscape for advancing effective mathematics and literacy interventions, the Grade R MLIP has led efforts toward improving outcomes in these areas for all schools in Gauteng Province offering Grade R from 2022 through 2024. Read the Learning Exchange #5/2023 publication here.  Authored by Mark Forsberg, Peace Corps Response Volunteer, Peace Corps South Africa and Dinah Mashamaite, Programme Manager, JET Education Services.

Download the presentation slides here

Purpose of the Learning Exchange Live

  • The intention is to enhance deeper discussions about the Gr R MLIP classroom practices, the observed impact, sustainability mechanisms and future possibilities and opportunities.

  • To share the outcomes of the Gr R MLIP programme

  • To engage with education system leaders, policymakers, practitioners, and school governors

  • To interact with and receive inputs from researchers working in this field

Let us all join hands for our Grade R learners to have better literacy and numeracy foundational outcomes that will make them transition smoothly into Grade 1. The Project Management Office at JET Education Services is looking forward to your participation in this insightful event.  

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