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Celebrating World Teachers Day 2023

World Teachers' Day is commemorated annually on October 5th.

”Being a teacher provides the unique opportunity to make a transformative and lasting impact on the lives of others, contributing to shaping sustainable futures and offering personal fulfilment. However, the world faces an unprecedented global teacher shortage exacerbated by a decline in conditions and status. In 2023, World Teachers' Day aims to put the importance of a dignified and valued teaching profession at the top of the global agenda. Through various activities, it will advocate for teachers' crucial role, analyse their challenges, and showcase inspiring practices to attract, retain and motivate teachers and educators. It will also thoroughly examine the ways in which education systems, societies, communities, and families recognise, appreciate, and actively support teachers,” - UNESCO.

Teachers deserve to be recognised for the important role they play in building societies. Through our several teacher development projects, from research to developing teaching standards and materials, to supporting teacher training activities, JET is committed to contributing to the building of a well-trained, professional teaching force at all levels of the education system. 

JET work in teacher development includes: 

Below is the list of international initiatives and resources envisaged for the 2023 edition of World Teacher Day on the theme of imperatives to make the profession more attractive: Four events open to the public at UNESCO HQ and online

  1. Recognition and appreciation: the role of teacher prizes in enhancing the status of the profession 5 October morning, Venue: Room TBC, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris-France
    All over the world, we find a wide variety of prizes aimed at rewarding outstanding practices in the teaching profession, ranging from schools to adult and higher education, and covering different fields of study. There are international, regional and national prizes, such as the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for Teacher Development, the Global Teacher Prize, the African Union Continental Teacher Prize, the European Innovative Teaching Award, and many National Teacher Prizes. This panel aims to discuss the role of teacher prizes as symbols of recognition of the work undertaken by educators, as an essential form of contribution to the improvement of their status within the community and, ultimately, as a lever to raising the attractiveness of the profession.See more
  2. 2023 World Teacher Day Opening Ceremony
    5 October afternoon, Venue: Room TBC UNESCO Headquarters, Paris-France
    After opening remarks of the co-conveners of World Teachers Day, the event will present critical data on the attractiveness of the teaching profession, highlighting teacher voices on what they find attractive and challenging in the profession. An open conversation will be organized with the co-conveners, decision-makers, and experts from the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession, who will present what they see as the priority actions needed to make the profession more attractive in the years ahead.
  3. Teaching in hardship: bringing teachers to every learner
    6 October morning, Venue: online event
    A 2-hour roundtable convened by the Global Education Coalition (GEC) with the support of UNHCR, the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (TBC), and the TTF will explore the unique challenges of maintaining the attractiveness of the profession in emergency contexts. The session will include a short introduction of the current project being implemented by GEC in Ukraine, and programmes in crisis and emergency contexts to ensure that teachers in hardship situations can continue to teach through a suite of resources and approaches focused on digital, pedagogical, and socio-emotional skills. The roundtable will be followed by a discussion on the support teachers need to realize their commitment and their vocation in the most difficult contexts.
  4. Global pathways to an attractive teaching profession 6 October afternoon, Venue: online event
    A 2-hour workshop co-convened by the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 (TTF) and Education International (TBC) will explore national and regional policy responses and programmes to improve the attractiveness of the teaching profession in response to the global shortage on teachers. There will be a plenary session with presentations by TTF members on initiatives and evidence on improving the attraction and retention of qualified and motivated teachers, followed by regional breakout sessions for participants (policy makers, teacher unions, TTF members, teachers) to explore localised challenges and responses in more depth.

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