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Our Affiliates

Awakening Excellence Group

The Awakening Excellence Group supports businesses in creating an enabling environment in which people are empowered to discover, pursue and live their purpose, thereby contributing to the organisation, country and community at large. Awakening Excellence is the official license holder of the international Investors in People Standard. Awakening Excellence & IIPSA are involved in the JETStreaming programme both as a host and offering personal mastery training to the JETStreamers to strengthen their capacity as reflective researchers.


BRIDGE works with a wide range of stakeholders through convening communities of practice in the context of collaborative projects. BRIDGE believes that complex problems require the views of diverse stakeholders in order to solve them. It is in this spirit that BRIDGE is delighted to host JETStreamers giving voice to young professionals in the research and education space.

Global Teachers Institute

The mission of the Global Teachers Institute is to strengthen teacher capacity in South Africa and across the world. The GTI believes that teachers must not only focus on instructional practice and skills acquisition, but also on facilitating personal transformation and setting a deeper meaning for their practice. Their involvement in the JETStreaming programme will bring our young researchers much closer to the coalface of teaching and empower them to understand the complexities in the education environment.

Investors in People (IIP)

The Investors in People (IIP) Standard provides a framework for delivering business improvement through people and is, in fact, the only Standard in the world to achieve this. It has been proven internationally across all sectors that a guided strategy to develop an organisation’s employees has a direct and measurable impact on the performance of the organisation. IIP is involved in the JETStreaming programme both as a host and offering personal mastery training to the JETStreamers to strengthen their capacity as reflective researchers.

National Association of Social Change Entities in Education (NASCEE)

The National Association of Social Change Entities in Education (NASCEE) seeks to maximise the contribution of Education NGOs towards national development goals related to education through improving Education NGO capacity, effectiveness, collaboration and influence, in order to support and amplify the voice and positive image of Education NGOs within South Africa and abroad.


Saide seeks to achieve educational transformation through collaborative initiatives underpinned by open learning principles, and innovative models of both learning design and publishing at scale. Saide’s initiatives are mediated through technology and include the use of distance education methods and open educational resources. Saide’s approach is to work at a policy level and with partners across all educational sectors in sub-Saharan Africa. In keeping with their values, Saide is hosting JETStreamers to ensure that youth are brought fully into the transformation agenda in education on the African continent.

Seriti Institute

Seriti Institute is a social enterprise specialising in development. Seriti fosters socially healthy, resilient and economically vibrant individuals, communities and social enterprises, promoting sustainable livelihoods. They give people opportunities to experience work; make learning fun by encouraging participation, creativity and practical hands-on experience; and grow aspiration by developing an appetite for success, increasing agency and building networks of cooperation. Through the Solutions Exchange, Seriti intensifies the social impact of civil society organisations by making them work better through collaboration and learning. Through partnership with CSOs and social enterprises, Seriti supports skills transfer vital for sustainability and effectiveness. It is on this basis that Seriti has agreed to host the JETStreamers to ensure an all-round capacity building experience and exposure to a variety of organisational cultures. Seriti Institute has specialist offerings in large-group capacitation and participatory facilitation techniques for inspiring learning and action.

Social Surveys Africa

A social advisory and policy consultancy providing evidence based strategic foresight. The team at Social Surveys believes that knowledge may be power, but understanding is everything. They have been demonstrating this since 1987 and are ideal to host young researchers (JETStreamers) to develop their capacity in implementing research projects with rigour.

Tshikululu Social Investments

Tshikululu is a niche social investment professional service firm. Their vision is to achieve deep and sustainable social impact for a greater good. Without the support of Tshikululu and its funders the JETStreaming programme would not have gotten off the ground. We are profoundly grateful for the vision and foresight of this team in seeing the enormous value that JETStreaming has to offer.

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