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About the stream

What is the problem JET Education Services is working to address?

Transformation of the education sector in terms of:

  • developing research capacity,
  • upskilling educational academic expertise in application to issues on the ground,
  • building project management skills, and
  • creating collaborative conversations

through innovation techniques that seek to create advocates of social change in education.

Where is the work happening?

Head Office is in Johannesburg with a footprint in other provinces (and some in Africa) dependent on where JET's current education projects are based.  These projects will expose JETStreamers to the rigours of research, implementation of models and the testing, monitoring and evaluation of best practice.

Key principles in the JETStreaming capacity building process:

  • opening minds and pathways
  • going beyond self through achieving personal mastery
  • doing more with less
  • accountability
  • connecting the dots of seemingly disparate thoughts/disciplines/knowledge
  • collaboration
  • co-creating value
  • creativity

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