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New Publication: Widening Access to Higher Education

Widening Access to Higher Education has now published, JET Education Services CEO James Keevy has co-authored a chapter titled: Credit and recognition in a more interoperable global context: Implications for data privacy, certification and the recognition of prior learning

Chapter abstract: The constructs of credit and recognition have historically been closely interrelated. History shows that the path to policy coherence on credit and recognition has taken some time to coalesce. Current practice within higher education institutions shows that efficient and effective practice is patchy. New challenges to credit are already in train: credit arrangements are increasingly being scrutinized in a global context where data systems are becoming more interoperable, and the traditional divides between formal, non-formal and informal learning are less apparent. Formal qualifications have increasing competition from micro-credentials and other short course awards, many increasingly provided by non-traditional providers such as Google, Facebook and Salesforce, focused on creating their own skilled talent pools. This chapter explores global perspectives on these conundrums, including whether credit has a future, and the implications with regard to interoperability, data privacy, data ownership and control as more technological
systems develop. We propose standards for national learning ecosystems, built for international exchange, that would ensure recognition is interoperable across sectors, borders and life spans.

Here is the link to the purchasable book:


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