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Webinar launch of the report: “New funding flows: Innovative finance for education during and after COVID-19”

JET, the Bertha Centre and Tutuwa Foundation invite you to join us for the launch hosted by the Bertha Centre on Thursday 15 October, 4-5.30 pm.

South Africa has been in varying levels of lockdown since the Covid19 pandemic surged across the globe early this year. The effects on health and economic systems have been devastating. The knock-on effects on the education system will be felt for years, if not a generation, unless radically addressed. With this in mind, JET conducted a researchers’ bootcamp (#OpenupYourThinking) across 12 themes with the purpose of finding real-time solutions to the pressures being placed on education systems by COVID-19 using an evidence-based approach. This process allowed for innovative, fit-for-purpose and agile research models and strategies to be formulated, while providing JET and other organisations with a platform to contribute real-time inputs towards national processes.

The Theme 12 Report, authored by Susan de Witt (UCT GSB Bertha Centre) and Tatenda Nyamuda (Transaction Capital), focused on innovative finance for education during and after Covid19, and was supported in part by the Tutuwa Foundation. The summary report is being launched to (1) create awareness of innovative financing in education; and (2) build capacity amongst state and non-profit actors to utilise new funding flows, more so as post-COVID-19 recovery plans are being considered. To this end, the launch will be followed by three training sessions for practitioners who are interested in applying the concepts in the report to their own organisations.

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