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Upcoming publication: Early grade maths, reading and interventions

JET Education Services is excited about the upcoming book, our JETsetters have co-authored.

In a few weeks, we'll be unveiling an all-new publication volume. We’re proud of Nick Taylor, our Research Associate and Eleanor Hazel, our Monitoring and Evaluation Executive Manager for being contributing authors to this exciting publication- A three volume publication on (1) Reading, (2) Mathematics and (3) Interventions in South Africa. A total of 77 South African authors contributed to the 3 books that will be published by the Oxford University Press in December 2022.

The Early Grade Reading first volume covers why children cannon read and what can be done about it as well as topics such as large-scale longitudinal assessments of reading in African languages, in-depth classroom observations of pedagogy and practice & reading benchmarks.

The second volume on Early Grade Mathematics in South Africa will look at why children contribute to struggle with basic calculations and what can be done about, and where to focus policy attention.

The third volume on Early Grade Reading & Mathematics Interventions in South Africa will look at what, where, how interventions work.

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