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Unleashing the power of parental involvement: call for contributions to a book

A call for contributions to a book by JET Education Services in partnership with Reos Partners
JET Education Services, in partnership with Reos Partners, has embarked on a project to examine parents' and caregivers’ involvement in education, particularly in South Africa and Africa, as a lever to bring about improvements in educational outcomes. The impetus for the project is provided by the observation that parental involvement in children’s learning and development, whether at home or school, plays an important role in optimising children's educational experiences. The COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in school closures, trauma and stress at home and at school and parents taking on the role of teachers, has made positive working relations between teachers and parents even more essential for learners' holistic development. 
As part of the project, and to mark JET's 30th anniversary, we are planning to publish an edited volume titled 'Parent and caregiver involvement in education: stories of trauma, wellness and hope'. The publication is planned for early 2023, and a pre-publication colloquium for October/November 2022. 
Please download the call for contributions here and share it with other experts in the field. 
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