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UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme 2019

UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme is building a growing global network of leaders in TVET. Capacity building for transformational TVET leaders: Vision, knowledge and skills.

The following report gives an overview of UNESCO-UNEVOC's TVET Leadership Programme 2019, held in Bonn, Germany, from 24 June to 5 July. 

Living in an era that is characterised by fast-paced technological change and growing competition, it is evident that the world of work keeps changing at a fast rate. It is also evident that as economic, technological and social developments constantly evolve and diversify, so do the skill requirements in the workplace. For economies to become or stay competitive, it is therefore essential that national TVET leaders are aware of such developments and have the required management and leadership skills to translate their understanding into action. TVET systems have to adapt and institutions involved in TVET have to change. In many parts of the world, this adaptation process has to be achieved under challenging conditions, which makes the role of leaders even more important.

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