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The JETStreamers are learning to surf the flux bringing their collective intellectual capacity to work on systemic change in education

The JETStreaming programme aims to build social change agents in education research that contribute to the development and application of 21st century models for education that seek to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

JET is excited about the possibility of building a steady stream of young black researchers that will flow into the NGO sector creating a basis for evidence-based and thoughtful interventions in education that our country desperately needs. It is our conviction that education needs to be reinvented in a way that talks much more directly to the societal and thus economic needs of the 21st century and that the engagement of young minds in this process is pivotal to bringing about change.

Jet streams in the atmosphere have the power to influence entire weather patterns and streaming in the digital space can be said to do the same through social media thus influencing decision making processes around the world. Download the JETStreaming infographic.

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