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The Gauteng Education Development Trust (GEDT) is looking for a service provider to conduct an evaluation of the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Foundation Phase Literacy Mobile Library Service

An independent, external evaluation is being commissioned by the GEDT for a variety of reasons which include accountability (as public money is involved), documenting and learning from implementation to date and establishing a foundation for future monitoring and evaluation. This is the first time that the Mobile Library  Services Initiative is being evaluated.

The GDE Foundation Phase Literacy Mobile Library Service, popularly known as the Reading Bus, was launched as a pilot project in September 2016 reaching 11 schools. It has expanded since then – due to initial popularity and success - and is currently serving 29 schools across five education districts.

The work required is primarily a formative evaluation which should generate insights to inform improvement. However,  the evaluation should also reflect on the effectiveness and success of the Foundation Phase Literacy  Mobile Library Service to date, and confirm expected/intended outcomes and indicators which can be used for ongoing monitoring and future evaluation studies.

See the Terms of Reference for more information.

Submissions and correspondences should be addressed to Ms Kathy Tracey, Gauteng Education  Development Trust, C/O JET Education Services, The Education Hub, 6 Blackwood Avenue, Parktown  Johannesburg. 2193.  

Enquiries and electronic copies should be forwarded by email to ktracey@jet.org.za.

Closing date for submission of proposals: 12H00, Thursday, 22 October 2020. 


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