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Teacher Choices in Action - live!

The"Teacher Choices in Action" module and materials have been made accessible through an on-line distance learning platform hosted by JET. The system was tested by an initial cohort of 2 300 pre-service teachers from Wits. An additional 6 000 students from seven other universities joined in, and plans are in place for another 24 000 to join in the coming weeks.

Working under the auspices of JET's #OPENUPYOURTHINKING Researchers Bootcamp, a group of teacher educators from various universities across the country, under the leadership of Ass Prof Lee Ruszynak from Wits, developed a practice-focused learning module for student teachers that can be used towards partial fulfilment of Teaching Practice requirements under conditions that hinder school-based TP for students in pre-service teacher education programmes.

The module is based on the idea of pre-service teachers engaging with sets of choices that teachers need to make in every lesson they design and teach. The module requires students to observe and analyse classroom teaching - in classrooms ranging from rural to suburban - as well as materials and replaces the mentoring and coaching that ideally should take place during school-based TP.   

The module is freely available to any HEI that needs to supplement TP requirements. It has the support of the Department of Basic Education (DBE), the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the South African Council for Educators (SACE).

See more at: Theme 11: Building Back Better- Teacher choices in action: An enriching supplementary module for ‘Teaching Practice’ in 2020 and beyond

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