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RFP: Development of an electronic Knowledge & Learning hub

Request for proposal: Appointment of a service provider to develop electronic knowledge & learning hub for the MERSETA’s digital ecosystem as part of the PSET CLOUD programme

JET Education Services (JET), in collaboration with the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA), have initiated a programme (PSET CLOUD) that seeks to address the development of an integrated national digital ecosystem that is interoperable and can be used for effective skills planning and provisioning.  A critical aspect of the programme is to ensure that, as the early adopter of this innovative programme, merSETA’s digital ecosystem can support the free flow and advantageous use of data available to various institutions and organisations involved in the PSET sector.  

JET and the merSETA seek to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced service provider to develop an electronic Knowledge & Learning Hub as part of the Knowledge Management component of the merSETA’s Digital Ecosystem Programme (also known as Programme Phetogo).

The below Terms of Reference (ToR) provide further information on what is required.  

Link to ToR

All queries should be directed to Carla Pereira and must be submitted via email to carla@jet.org.za. Responses will be provided via email.

Deadline for clarificatory questions from potential bidders is 22 June 2022. 

Bid submission deadline is 30 June 2022, 18h00 via email.

Proposals should be submitted to tenders@jet.org.za.


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