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Researchers Bootcamp output Theme 7: Putting the individual at the centre: The role of digital identity during the time of COVID-19

Researchers Bootcamp Theme 7 report is now available: The purpose of this project has been to identify and understand examples of the use of self-sovereign identity (SSI) in education internationally, and to identify instances in which data ownership and control have been successfully decentralised.

Education Researchers Respond to The COVID-19 Pandemic. Theme 7 looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way all of us interact and operate. Social distancing and lockdown policies have led to the increased adoption of remote working and online education, with the use of digital platforms being necessary for people to stay connected and productive. In education, teachers and lecturers are increasingly using digital means to communicate, provide lessons and activities, teach remotely and give support to learners and their parents and caregivers. While technology allows for interactions and activities to continue during lockdown, online exchanges bring with them the risk of data privacy being breached. As it is, during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, basic freedoms have been restricted around the world as government authorities have increased their monitoring of citizens while they take up arms against the virus.

Download the report and infographic below:


Download the research report for theme 7

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