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Researchers Bootcamp output Theme 6: Ameliorating the Impact of Fake News on High School Learners during COVID-19

Researchers Bootcamp Theme 6 report: Fake news impacting school age children (or targeting school age children): Impacts on behaviour, risk, anxiety, and how to ameliorate is now available!

Education Researchers Respond to The COVID-19 Pandemic. The primary purpose of Theme 6 (Fake news impacting school-age children [or targeting school-age children]: impacts on behaviour, risk, anxiety, and how to ameliorate) was to investigate high school learners’ awareness of fake or false news during the COVID-19 lockdown period in South Africa. A secondary purpose was to examine the types of fake news that exist and how each of these variously impacts on society. We also look at the skills needed in order to distinguish false news from real news. This document is a work in progress, and we hope that other contributions and further research will be undertaken in this field.


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