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Researchers Bootcamp output Theme 10: Lessons on How Countries Manage Schooling During and After Disasters

Researchers Bootcamp Theme 10 report is now available: A Study of Four Cases
Education Researchers Respond to The COVID-19 Pandemic. The theme 10 study involves a review of literature on how education systems were managed during and after a disaster. Four cases were examined: natural disasters (tsunami and earthquake) in Indonesia and Haiti; civil conflicts in Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Libya and the Vuwani district in Limpopo, South Africa; a health pandemic (Ebola) in West Africa; and the COVID-19 education response globally and in South Africa. All four cases offer valuable insights and lessons for the education sector in South Africa when it comes to strategy, policy, planning and programming of responses for education continuity, preparation to exit the lockdown and for curriculum recovery.
Download the report and infographic below:


Download the research report for theme 10

View the infographic for theme 10

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