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Publication of the latest addition to ISCED

Publication of the latest addition to ISCED, the International Standard Classification of Teacher Training Programmes (ISCED-T 2021)

The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) is the framework used to compare statistics on the education systems of countries worldwide. It is an important tool used to facilitate international comparisons and to benchmark and monitor progress on international education goals. (UIS, https://isced.uis.unesco.org/q-and-a/). ISCED is kept up to date through a process of global consultations among education policy-makers and experts from UNESCO Member States.

The International Standard Classification of Teacher Training Programmes (ISCED-T) is used to produce internationally comparable data on teacher education programmes and pathways to the teaching profession and improves the availability and quality of teacher statistics, especially in reference to national programmes for pre-service and in-service teacher education. JET researchers James Keevy and Zahedaah Vally prepared the technical documents and also supported the UIS during consultations with the Technical Advisory Panel leading up to the adoption of ISCED-T 2021.

ISCED-T 2021, which classifies education programmes and the related qualifications by education levels and fields, was released on 5 October in the six official languages of the UN. see https://isced.uis.unesco.org/isced-t-2021/.

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