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Policy research comes of age in South Africa

Nick Taylor and Thabo Mabogoane, guest editors

The South African Journal of Early Childhood Education is in its 5th volume and has DHET accreditation, as well as listing on SciELO SA and the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS). The journal is edited by Prof. Elizabeth Henning and published by AOSIS (open access).

Vol 5, Number 2, Priorities and Policy-making in South African Education, was guest edited by Dr. Nick Taylor (Senior Research Fellow at JET ) and Dr. Thabo Mabogoane (formerly of JET, currently with the Presidency: Department of Monitoring and Evaluation ).

The papers in this journal span the spectrum of schooling phases and provide a taste of the myriad dilemmas and decisions facing policy makers and practitioners in shaping and directing the education system. In the editorial titled Policy reserach comes of age in South Africa,  Taylor and Mabogoane attempt to distil a set of larger policy implications from the conclusions of the seven contributors.

Roelien Herholdt, JET's Senior Research Manager, Assessment and Testing has contributed to two articles published in previous issues of this journal:

1. Herholdt, R. and Sapire, I., (2014). An error analysis in the early grades mathematics-A learning opportunity?. South African Journal of Childhood Education, 4(1), pp.43-60.

2. Fritz, A., Balzer, L., Ehlert, A., Herholdt, R. and Ragpot, L., (2014). A mathematics competence test for Grade 1 children migrates from Germany to South Africa. South African Journal of Childhood Education, 4(2), pp.114-133.

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