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NICK TAYLOR reports on the National School Effectiveness Study (NSES)

The NSES study was part the five-year 3Rs project started in 2006 and funded by the Royal Netherlands Government (RNE) to conduct research which would contribute to the Department of Education's efforts to improve the quality of education in South Africa.

The project was undertaken by a consortium made up of the Human Sciences Research Council (the lead organisation), the Education Policy Consortium, JET Education Services, and the Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa, with the support of the Department of Education.  

The NSES study, conducted under the theme of improving school effectiveness, was designed to enable the gain scores of a learner over any one-year period to be related to the practices followed by the teacher for the same year.

The study followed a group of children for three years, starting with Grade 3 in 2007 and ending in Grade 5 in 2009. Around 16 000 children participated in each year of data gathering, during which a cohort of 8 383 was tracked over all three years.

See the article Improving the effectiveness of our schools  in the HSRC Review, Volume 9, Number 3, September 2011.


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