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Wishing you a happy, peaceful and restful holiday season

JET has enjoyed a highly productive and impactful year amidst adversity, critical changes in the economy and in policy spaces. Like most of you, we are looking forward to a few weeks of relaxation, summer sun and rejuvenation. The past year was high octane and the few pit stops as a team were brief but reminded us that our work cannot be done until South Africa has achieved its educational outcomes and churned out the critical and key skills required for growth and contributions to the global economy.

JET celebrated 31 years and Dr Nick Taylor, previous CEO and now Associate, reflected on the state of education in South Africa. His keynote address provided a critical reflection on what we should be doing differently. Nick acknowledged the critical importance of ‘good people working in a bad system’ and the urgency for the country to revert to a meritocracy that celebrates skills and excellence, appropriate and fit for purpose.

As an organisation, JET continues to attract great skills and we ensure that our JET staff has a good fit with the organisational culture, contributing their diversity and unique approaches. We also take this opportunity to welcome Dr Thandi Lewin, Mr Edison Mazibuko, and Mr Zeyn Angamia who will join the JET Board in 2024. The skills and expertise of our staff, supported by the strengthened Board, will help us to increase impact and optimise collaboration towards greater educational outcomes. And we will remain brave and invested in merit and excellence.

The Chairperson of the JET Board hosted the annual Education Advisory Committee meeting and this time we invited Gen Zs to a conversation. Amidst much hype and contestation about this component of youth, we concluded that strong leadership matters more than ever. 

To this end, JET is systematically changing and adapting how and where we work. While, our physical environment is important, JETSetters have been working optimally in a hybrid manner during and post the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We wish you and your organisation, family and friends a blessed and joyful festive season. May 2024 be your stepping stone to increase your reach, impact and contributions to a more equitable South Africa.

Best wishes,

JET Board, management and staff

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