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[VIDEO] Nick Taylor celebrates 30 years at JET

Nick Taylor celebrates 30 years at JET this year, watch the video here

Nick Taylor earned his Doctorate in Mathematics Education in 1990. Nick taught mathematics and science in Johannesburg high schools for ten years and was a Subject Advisor for Mathematics in the Soweto Region with the Department of Education and Training for four years. In 1989, he joined the Education Policy Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand as Policy Researcher and was involved in exploring education policies for a democratic South Africa. In 1993, Nick was appointed Deputy Director of the newly established Joint Education Trust and became Executive Director in 1994. He served in this position until 2000. Nick has also been a visiting researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand and served on statutory bodies. He has authored, co-authored, and edited a number of publications, including academic journals, journal articles and books, and has presented at many conferences, often serving as the keynote speaker.

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