Tree Planting ceremony marks JET's 30th anniversary

A commemorative tree planting ceremony took place at The Education Hub in Johannesburg to mark JET Education Services 30th anniversary. Established in 1992, the Joint Education Trust evolved from a fund-holding NGO to a vibrant delivery support organisation and social change agent in education, pioneering change in the education sector.

The Dias Cotinifolia trees also known as 'pom pom' trees were planted by the JET Board Members, Research and Data Ecosystems division, MQA and Data team and the Finance Division on the 21st of November 2022.

The momentous tree planting ceremony also marks Prof Brian Figaji's retirement from the JET board at the end of December 2022, after 22 years of service. Prof Figaji ensured JET followed the narrow path of good governance at all times and he will be missed by the management team, staff and fellow Board members for his wisdom, guidance, and unwavering support of a just education system.



Pictured: Prof Figaji at the JET tree planting ceremony




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