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Three decades of serving JET Education Services.

An organisation's long-serving staff members are highly valued for their deep knowledge and experience. Maureen Mosselson is one of the few individuals at JET Education Services who have served in the organization for more than 30 years, having started as the librarian in 1993 when the organisation was known as the Joint Education Trust.

Initially, Maureen's role involved setting up an internal library and obtaining research materials for it. Over time, she witnessed several changes, including the transition of JET from a grant-making trust to a non-profit organisation. Despite these changes, the fundamental aims of JET remained unchanged.

In 2003, when Maureen became a permanent staff member, her workload increased significantly as she became the go-to person for various resources. She actively contributed to significant projects by supporting researchers and archiving project reports.

Speaking about JET’s work, Maureen emphasised the pivotal role of the Monitoring and Evaluation unit in contributing to the effectiveness of JET's projects and those of clients and partners. Furthermore, she particularly values the current Grade R Maths and Language Improvement Programme, in which JET is a partner, due to its potential impact on foundational education in South Africa.

As JET grew, Maureen's responsibilities expanded to include editing, producing publications, and maintaining the JET website and social media platforms. This growth led to the recruitment of additional staff and the establishment of the Knowledge Management unit, which Maureen led until her semi-retirement in 2022.

Currently, Maureen’s role is as an in-house editor for JET and supporting the current Knowledge Management team. Finally, Maureen expressed confidence that JET is well on its way to becoming the leading research and development organisation in Africa’s education sector.

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