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The Role of a Data Analyst in Education-Based Projects: An Interview with Kurhula Nkwinika

We had the opportunity to interview Kurhula Nkwinika, about her experience working with JET Education Services and the projects she is involved in. Kurhula began her tenure at JET as a Data Analyst for the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) project and transitioned to Data Analyst for the Anglo-American South Africa (AASA) Education Programme. In this article, we explore Kurhula’s contribution to advancing strategic data analysis.

When engaging in projects, the use of accurate information is essential to ensure that stakeholders' expectations are met. In many research-based organisations, a considerable investment is made in data analysis, particularly when the focus is on improving disadvantaged communities. Successful project implementation and the validity and quality of reporting rely heavily on data analysis, making it the hallmark of a successful project.

JET Education Services is a proud partner of the AASA Education Programme in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education. The education programme comprises two key components: Whole School Development (WSD) and Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Kurhula and her team work on a central electronic system that stores all data and reports collected from various service providers and field workers involved in the programme. She commends this electronic system for its ability to make reporting more efficient.

In addition to her satisfaction with the AASA education programme, Kurhula values the team she works with as they’re always learning from each other. She notes that the team comprises qualified individuals with unique skills, contributing to the programme's success. Kurhula takes pride in being part of an organisation that contributes positively to the South African education system and that leads the way in education support for children from disadvantaged communities, setting a precedent for many organisations in the education sector. Outside of work, Kurhula enjoys music and singing. 

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