The selected provider will be tasked with conducting a formative evaluation of the intervention design (intervention concepts, the robustness of the theory of change, related plans, etc) and implementation (how the intervention is being implemented, and how it can be strengthened) of the PSET CLOUD project focusing on the following evaluation criteria and key questions:

  1. Relevance: To what extent is the design of the PSET CLOUD project appropriate and consistent with the PSET sector priorities and policies? To what extent have partnerships been developed with and between relevant and key stakeholders?
  2. Effectiveness: To what extent have the activities and outputs of the PSET CLOUD project been effective in contributing to the likely achievement of the outcomes and impact reflected on the theory of change? What measurable progress has the project made since its inception?
  3. Efficiency: To what extent has the implementation of the PSET CLOUD project been efficient with regards to (i) organisational design and applied delivery methodology, (ii) management and administration, including record keeping (ii) the readiness of merSETA to be early adopter.
  4. Sustainability: How sustainable is the PSET CLOUD project likely to be given the many priorities and demands in the PSET sector? What are the challenges to and opportunities for the sustainability of the PSET Cloud intervention in the medium-to-long term? Are there viable alternatives that have potential to address the interoperable principle and ensvisaged outcomes and impact of the project?
  5. Project governance and management: Is the governance and project management appropriate for the project?

The evaluation will be conducted over three months starting in October 2020 with the final report due at the end of January 2021. It forms part of a broader longitudinal study of this project, that will culminate in a summative evaluation. The level of effort for this evaluation will not exceed 30-person-days. The evaluator will be expected to submit regular progress reports. The frequency of reporting will be agreed upon during the inception phase. Submitted proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

See the Terms of Reference here.  

Deadline for clarification questions: 30 September 2020

Deadline for submission of proposals: 16 October 2020 

All queries should be directed to Boitumelo Manci and must be submitted via email to Responses will be provided via email.

Proposals accompanied by CVs of the proposed team members should be submitted to Technical and financial proposals may be combined. 


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