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Report of the Commission on the Feasibility of Fee-Free Higher Education and Training (Heher Report) released.

From the South African Government News Agency: 

The Heher commission has recommended that all tertiary students in South Africa be given access to State guaranteed bank loans, which they would only pay back once they start earning a certain income.

The Commission of Inquiry into the feasibility of making higher education and training fee-free in South Africa has recommended that all students studying at both public and private universities and colleges -- regardless of their family background -- be funded through a cost-sharing model of government guaranteed Income Contingency Loans (ICL) sourced from commercial banks.

The commission, headed by Justice Jonathan Arthur Heher, has recommended that through this cost-sharing model, commercial banks issue government guaranteed loans to the students that are payable by the student upon graduation and attainment of a specific income threshold.

“Should the student fail to reach the required income threshold, government bares the secondary liability,” the report reads.

Download the Executive Summary or the Full Report

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